Definition of elephant in the room as a synonym for hidden conflicts

An elephant in the room is a problem that is obvious but not addressed.

“Elephant in the Room” is the name of a hidden problem:

  • because the problem is big – like an elephant
  • because the problem stands in the way and fills the entire space
  • because almost everyone knows about the hidden problem, because it is as obvious as a pachyderm

Kontakt aufnehmen – mit dem Elefanten in Verhandlung treten

Ignored Conflict Elephant in the Room

Ignored Conflict Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the Room: the function of silence

An elephant in the room connects several people – even people who are at odds. Several parties involved or those in the know agree to remain silent. This does not have any advantages in the long term – but it saves you from unpleasant arguments for the moment.

“We agree that we don’t talk about it”

Hiding the problem prevents a solution, so it saves (supposedly) resources at the moment.

  • What is concealed cannot be edited.
  • Hiding a problem can create a sense of connectedness: “We all know what’s going on here, but we stick together.”
  • An elephant in the room can make the lack of a solution a little more bearable
  • The phenomenon of the elephant in the room can have a pain-preventing function

Summary of the function of Elephant in the Room:

Common ground can also be shown in mutual silence.
Avoiding the discussion of a concealed, smoldering conflict can therefore definitely be viewed as a kind of minimum consensus.
This explains why so many unspoken problems and conflicts linger on for so long

Get in contact – enter into negotiations with the elephant

Examples of Elephant in the Room

What is an elephant in the room? There are examples from both the world of work and the private sector. The third area for concealed conflicts and imbalances is the internal conflict.

Elephant in the room in the professional world

A conflict between two or more people in a company or organization

  • Bullying that officially doesn’t exist
  • The increasingly difficult market situation of a company – there is a lack of consolidation concepts
  • A high level of sick leave, which indicates employee dissatisfaction, but is explained with a flu epidemic
  • Elephants in space are not only found in the world of work.

Elephant in the room in private life

Outside of the company we also find the elephant in the room:

  • Alcohol problems
  • External relations
  • Debt

Examples of Elephant in the Room

The elephant in the room can also stand inside a person. This is the case when someone does not want to admit an internal conflict or does not want to look at an obviously existing problem.

  • Dealing with health
  • Loyalty conflicts, e.g. B. between work and private life
  • A repressed inner conflict – such as giving up a lifelong dream – can manifest itself in a variety of ways, including psychosomatic forms

Get in contact – enter into negotiations with the elephant